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Just imagine what new branding can do for you

   Maya Abeysekera, Client Business Manager
September 25, 2015

After months of collaboration with Guests, we are excited to announce the launch of their new branding. Guests’ positioning, creative direction and tone have all been completely refurbished. Here’s a brief show and tell.

We began by taking Guests through the T20 Communication Ready Workshop™ program, where we engaged with their staff and uncovered some invaluable insights. The key take-out was that Guests offer unlimited possibilities and unique solutions. In short, their customers are limited only by their imaginations. What a brilliant thing to be able to say.

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This discovery led us directly to the new brand positioning line: Just Imagine. Simple? Yes. Basic? Not at all. Just Imagine gives customers permission to think big, to picture the potential of their property, and to see the possibilities. Guests have the imagination and resources to make that a reality and add that value to any space. It is fantastic way to introduce yourself to your customers.

Having arrived at the positioning, we refreshed the tone and style for the brand and carried that through to the collateral. Here are a few examples:


Staff collateral
Staff Collateral

It has been fantastic to see the evolution of this brand, and we’d like to thank Guests for the opportunity to work on this project with them, and for them.



Just imagine what we could do for your business…

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